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We trade the Finest Hulled and Gluten Free Millet seed for Bakeries, Mills and Retailers.

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LAR Seed is a trusted trademark for highest-quality millet seed variety including the hulled millet and the gluten free millet seeds. We offer the convenience and ease of ordering finest millet seeds online. We cater to individuals who wish to experience the maximum health benefits of quality millet seeds, as well as other businesses such as bakeries, mills, and retailers.

At LAR Seeds, quality is our greatest concern and is ensured throughout the process. We pick the best LAR Seeds for our customers through Sortex Colour Sorting procedure. The sorted seeds are hulled with great care and are double polished before they are packed and delivered.

We use high-end packaging material and technology to preserve the freshness, appearance, and health benefits of the seeds. The quality of our products conforms to the higher standards of ISO 22 000 /HACCP. We ensure quality not just in our product and packaging, but also in our service and support. We have a broad outreach throughout Europe including Germany, Holland, Denmark, and Belgium. We ensure a timely delivery and prompt response to all your queries.

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Double Polished Hulled Millet Seeds

We Ensure all our millet seeds passed Sortex color sorting!
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